About the Studio

The Greenhouse is a cozy, full-service recording and mixing studio in central New Hampshire, run by engineer and producer Sam McArthur. We combine the flexibility of high-resolution digital recording with the integrity of some of the best analog recording and mixing gear available, including a 56-channel Solid State Logic 6000 E, and an early-1970s Opamp Labs 10-channel recording desk. For the artists, we keep a healthy collection of pianos and keyboards, both classic and rare, an assortment of guitar amps, heads, cabs, and pedals, and several acoustic and electric guitars, as well as some more eccentric instruments. But the gear is just part of our proposition: All the beautiful instruments and top-of-the-line recording equipment is complimented by a welcoming and comfortable environment in which to make your music.


About the Engineer

Sam is an audio engineer, producer, studio tech, and pianist/keyboardist, raised in the Greater Boston area and a current New Hampshire native. He’s played instruments his whole life, got into Electronic Music in the early 2010s, and has been running The Greenhouse full-time since December 2017. Some call him The Wizard.

His credits include Victim of Circumstance’s record, Through New Eyes, work on Alex Preston’s newest album, and bit parts with many other New Hampshire and New England artists.