Music is art. Sound is an obsession.

The Greenhouse is a cozy recording and mixing studio in New Hampshire, minutes from Lake Winnipesaukee and downtown Laconia.

With a control room built around a 56-channel SSL 6000 E, the small studio is set up primarily for heavy mixing duties, thanks to a healthy collection of outboard and software, with the capability for multitrack recording and overdubs in our live room. While modern productions necessitate some level of engineering within software, the studio is set up to record and mix with the computer used only as a tape machine, using hardware reverbs, delays, EQs, and dynamics, including many classics and replicas.

There is still a kind of romanticism in the “old way” of making records, and that’s what we want to capture here. So much of modern recording has been sterilized beyond the point of recognition, with each instrument cut on its own and edited as close to perfection as possible. Music today, and not just Pop, has become exclusively about the lyrics and the notes, which in itself is fine... but there’s always the hand of the songwriter behind it, and removing that is like taking the soul from the music. The Greenhouse is our vision for a studio that lets us recapture that visceral, tactile experience, while retaining everything that makes the digital age one of the most exciting times to be making music. Imperfection is now a decisive artistic choice, and not a simple limitation of the day.