Mic: AKG 214


Back in the early 1970s, AKG released the 414, a solid-state replacement to the C12. Then later in the 70s, they released the 414 EB. In the 80s, the b-ULS was released, then in the early 90s came the TL-II, an alternative version of the ULS that featured transformerless outputs (hence TL) and a modernized version of the older teflon CK-12 capsule used later in the original 414’s life. This has since left AKG with two coexistent versions of the 414: the XLS, based on the b-ULS, and the XL-II, based on the TL-II.

Anyways, this is a roundabout way to explain why the AKG 214 and 314, the lower-end models, are built they way they are,