Mic: AKG D12 VR


This could be the only kick mick I ever need.

A fun reimagining of AKG’s original D12 dynamic mic, the D12VR has its own merits and selling points, both over the original, and over some other kick mics. The switch on the top of the mic controls a built-in EQ section that turns on when you send it phantom power, giving the mic’s otherwise very flat frequency response the low- and high-end hype of more regular kick mics, like AKG’s own D112. And people who need to rely on their gear will appreciate the VR’s dramatically better build quality, as well as 50+ years less service time under the belt.

No. It doesn’t sound like an original D12. The D12VR is its own, beautiful option for recording kick drum, and shouldn’t be confused as a microphone stuck in the past.