Discography (cont.)

This is Sam’s more-or-less complete credits list, excluding unreleased work

Alex Preston - A Work In Progress

Landslide: All tracking, synth programming and performance (Aug. 2017)

October: Rough vox, Claps, Grand piano (Aug. 2017)

Sleepyhead: Vox (Aug. 2017)

Other songs: Rough vox, Rough guitars (Aug. 2017)

Victim of Circumstance - Through New Eyes

Tracking and rough mixes, You’ve Got Nothing through Taken (Oct. 2018)

Tracking, Through New Eyes (Dec. 2018)

Mixing, all tracks (Dec. 2018)

Mastering, all tracks

Victim of Circumstance - World On My Wings (single)

Tracking (Aug. 2018)

Mixing and Master

Organized Chaos - Eyes Like Yours (single)

Produced by Brad Myrick (Concord, NH)

Main tracking (Aug. 2018)

Overdubs, Mixing (Aug. 2018)

Organized Chaos - Maybe You Were the One (single)

Tracking at A Day In This Life studio, Drums and Acoustic Guitar (Aug. 2018)

Tracking at The Greenhouse, Piano and Vox (Aug. 2018)