Discography (cont.)

This is Sam’s more-or-less complete credits list, excluding unreleased work

Alex Preston - A Work In Progress

Landslide: All tracking, synth programming and performance (Aug. 2017)

October: Rough vox, Claps, Grand piano (Aug. 2017)

Sleepyhead: Vox (Aug. 2017)

Other songs: Rough vox, Rough guitars (Aug. 2017)

Victim of Circumstance - Through New Eyes

Tracking and rough mixes, You’ve Got Nothing through Taken (Oct. 2018)

Tracking, Through New Eyes (Dec. 2018)

Mixing, all tracks (Dec. 2018)

Mastering, all tracks

Nicola Cipriani & Brad Myrick - Wanderlust

Tracking (Dec. 2018)

Victim of Circumstance - World On My Wings (single)

Tracking (Aug. 2018)

Mixing and Master

Organized Chaos - Eyes Like Yours (single)

Produced by Brad Myrick (Concord, NH)

Main tracking (Aug. 2018)

Overdubs, Mixing (Aug. 2018)

Organized Chaos - Maybe You Were the One (single)

Tracking at A Day In This Life studio, Drums and Acoustic Guitar (Aug. 2018)

Tracking at The Greenhouse, Piano and Vox (Aug. 2018)