Monitoring: Hear Technologies HearBack


My choice for the studio's headphone monitoring system was a lot more difficult than it should have been. For the most part, the distribution box is never the problem. In my experience the sticking point is always the remotes. Some of them just stop working. In a perfect world, I'd use an analog rack-mount mixer where an artist can mix their cans to their heart's content, but that's rather expensive, and you really have to put your trust in an artist's ability to set it up themselves. It seems like juggling two knobs is hard enough, let alone faders and a whole monitor section. 

The HearBack system offers some enticing features for a smaller studio, and in my experience, the remotes generally don't wear down in the way that something like an Aviom remote does. By default, it's set up to take a single stereo input and six mono inputs, and then you've got the usual master volume control below. There's an adjustable limiter that nobody ever uses, two headphone outputs each, and 1/4" line-outs to use with monitor wedges.