Kroeger & Sons upright piano


This is a 1913 upright grand piano made by New York-based Kroeger, or as they were known in full at the time, Gildemeester & Kroeger & Kroeger & Sons. Large uprights, with soundboards as large (or sometimes larger) than a baby grand, were wildly popular in the early 20th century, mostly due to how small the rooms in everybody’s houses were at the time. I’m not joking, that’s really why upright grands were so popular: because people couldn’t fit standard grands in their houses.

Now something to think about: The Kroeger is the oldest thing in the studio by about 40 years. It was built a year before the start of World War 1, and 32 years before the first nuclear bomb was detonated as part of the Manhattan Project. It is 106 years old and counting… and it’s still a fully functioning, perfectly playable, and tune-stable instrument. In that way, it’s far superior to any Gibson.