Even though we live in a time when someone can make an album in their bedroom or basement, that doesn’t mean those albums sound very good. Self-recording is one thing, but if you want tracks that sound truly professional and up to snuff, the buck stops at the mix.

With years of mixing experience and some of the world’s best equipment, our engineer Sam can transform your tracks into songs you’ll be proud to show the world.

We can either do remote mixing, where you send us your project file or stems, or you can attend the mixing sessions in person. Normally, you should plan around the mixing timeframe as if each song takes one day, and that time will give the best results, but if your budget and timeframe are cramped, then shorter turnarounds are possible with some possible concessions in quality.

All pricing for mixes are done on a per-project basis. The first two recalls (per track) are free, after that each recall will be an additional percentage of the per-track price.

Like what you hear? Contact us:

record at the-greenhouse-nh.com