Payment Information

We ask for 50% of a session’s payment in advance for scheduling (as late as the beginning of the session or first session day), and 50% at the conclusion of the session time. The advance is non-refundable under most circumstances. If we have interested clients asking about a date that you have tentatively scheduled but haven’t paid the due advance, then we will notify you, and if you do not wish to pay or make arrangements with the other party, then their time will take precedent over yours. WE WILL ALWAYS NOTIFY YOU of changes or conflicts like this before they are set in stone.

We take Cash or Checks, or Credit/Debit through Square. Card transactions will incur a 2.9% fee which will be included in the billed amount, and we can send you online invoices as well as take cards in person. Checks should be made out to Little Earth Recording LLC.

We do not offer a money-back guarantee on studio time, mixes, or production, and as such have a strict no-refund policy. Recorded multitracks and master tracks/tapes from mixes are warrantied against technical errors that would render them unsuitable for release. It is the duty of the artist or a producer separate from the studio to