For each production project, we like to meet with the artists and get to know what they’re looking for, then put together a budget and a studio schedule. We try to be selective about the acts we work with, figure out who’ll be a good fit for our studio’s style, and who’s actually ready to make an album. This is due to the potentially huge time investment that pre-production and planning can be with some acts, especially solo artists. Between arranging, songwriting, and planning out recording sessions with session musicians, pre-production could potentially account for more than half of the entire album-making process, and balloon costs well out of your budget. We want to help take your album to the next level, not write most of it for you.

Once we know how many songs you want to record and how involved we need to get with pre-pro and overdubbing, we’ll give you an all-inclusive price for the whole project. This price is subject to change, if issues in songs come up that we need to address, if the amount of songs in the project change dramatically during production, or if you request numerous mix recalls, as per our normal guidelines with mixing costs.

What is included:

  • minor Pre-production (if needed)

  • Recording dates (including piano tuning!)

  • Production work (help/input on arrangement, performance, etc.)

  • Mixing and readying to send to a mastering house

  • A hard drive with all this stuff on it for you to keep

Unless you are on the tightest of budgets, we recommend sending your tracks to an experienced mastering engineer, who can handle getting your album ready for digital and physical releases. We can provide some rudimentary mastering, but it is absolutely not a full-fledged studio service and again we really really REALLY recommend having your songs mastered by a professional.

Like recording sessions, half of the total costs must be paid before the first working day of the project, preferably soon after we make an agreement on the total price. It’s that insurance of you being committed to your studio time that keeps our schedule running smoothly.

Sound like a plan? Contact us:

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