Recording is the point where your performance is immortalized, so it pays to have it done right. We have the gear and the know-how to capture you at your best, and our collection of instruments, amplifiers, and other fun toys can give you any musical colors you can imagine.

An individual day (up to 12 hours) including engineer starts at $400, and longer blocks are priced on a case-by-case basis. We no longer subdivide days. If you want to be confident that your place in our schedule is solid, an upfront payment of 50% of your studio fees will guarantee a lock-out for your entire time here. Otherwise, that 50% is due at the beginning of the session. If things are busy and we have a big project where the artist is willing to pay up-front, their schedule will take precedent! Don’t leave it up to chance.

Finally, please let us know if you desire the sessions to be in a particular program: We use Logic Pro by default, but most facilities use Pro Tools, and we would be happy to accommodate their needs.

What is included:

  • your desired amount of studio time (from one day to one month)

  • rough “monitor mixes” of your tracks if you so desire

  • your project files, if you have something to put them on

What isn’t included:

The session rates do not include hard drives or USB sticks for your projects, so bring your own external HDD that will work with Mac OS. Big projects can be 30 or more GB, so a compact 1+ terabyte hard drive like a Lacie Rugged is recommended: They’re under $100, and will store plenty of future sessions as well. We will keep the sessions backed up for our own records, unless you don’t want us to, but you shouldn’t rely on us to have your old stuff laying around from six years ago. Keep your own records and back your stuff up!

Piano tuning (for any of our acoustics) is an additional $100 per appointment, which may need to happen multiple times if you are doing extended piano tracking. You are free to bring in your own piano tech during your studio time.

Ready to rock and roll? Contact us:

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